Keep on Knitting!

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer! I have been knitting every day, even if for only fifteen minutes or so when I can squeeze it in. Lots of scarves and mittens for the hospital donation! 
Now that August is here I will start on hats.  Try this great free pattern for the Wheat Rib Hat by Patti Pierce Stone.













We are also announcing a new *Call for Items*.  Knitting & Giving will be sending all we can to the Hats 4 Homeless organization. Their website explains the mission better than I could ever put it:

Hats for the Homeless grew out of the heart of one young man who cared about those less fortunate. Each year he would gather friends during the Holiday season and together they would roam the NYC streets giving hats, scarves and gloves to the homeless. He died suddenly in 1998.
Hats for the Homeless was created in his memory to continue the tradition he started. Through Hats for the Homeless, his family and friends crochet, knit and collect hats, scarves and gloves throughout the year. The weekend before Christmas at St. Francis Xavier’s Soup Kitchen on West 15th Street in NYC, we distribute all these gift-wrapped items to the homeless that flow through St. Francis Xavier’s doors. We see somber faces turn to grateful smiles. Sometimes they exchange the gifts with one another for a more needed item. Sometimes they come back looking for more. It is heart-wrenching as the number of homeless grows each year and there is not a gift for everyone.

 I received an email response today from Pat from Hats 4 Homeless and she would appreciate all the warm items that we can contribute.

Let’s Knit our Bit!!

In closing today, I would like to extend a huge Thank You to Nancy at for including Knitting & Giving in her sites list of charities. 🙂

Our P.O. Box will be established, finally, in the coming week. Until then, if you have a donation to send in you can mail them to me directly. Please email me at for the address.

No donation is ever too small! I will post pictures and thank you’s to every one of you who makes a donation, as well as let everyone know which charity I will donate them to.

~ Jessica


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