Knitting is Speeding Up!

Dear Knitters & Givers,

I actually reached for my sweater today for the first time this season. Here in Connecticut, the leaves have begun to turn and the chill in the air is motivating my knitting more than ever. The first chill of the season makes my fingers fly to work up as many warm items as I can or donation. I now have 5 WIP’s on their needles and look foward to finishing them up soon.

Another big Thank You goes out to Kim from New York for her second donation of two scarves for the Hats 4 Homeless project. They are absolutely gorgeous! I know they will be loved by their recipients this winter!











I have also found adorable tags here that I will be printing out and attaching to all of our donated items. They are so sweet!

I look forward to watching our donation pile grow. I will be mailing in our first donation on October 15th and the second one will be a week before Thanksgiving. I received an email from the organization after asking what type of yarns they prefer donations to be made of. Any warm yarn, though acrylics or wool/acrylic blends are preferred.

To donate an item please don’t hesitate to email me at for the mailing address.

Wishing Flying Fingers to All!



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