I am astounded at the amount of generosity that is being shown with our group! I am so thankful for all of you who are knitting and crocheting so many wonderful items for those in need. I have been in contact via phone with both homeless shelters here in Connecticut and both are so grateful and looking forward to receiving the donations. I will be bringing them in person very soon.  I am finishing up a few more pairs of children’s mittens and will be moving on to adult sized mittens and hats.

I hope to continue donating to the homeless shelters through the winter so please don’t hesitate to send in a donation. Send me an email to for our mailing address.  There are no deadlines for donating as I collect and distribute year round. 🙂

So far, our donations for November, 2009 total 22 items!  Great job to everyone who worked so hard on your items! They will be very appreciated this winter!

These photos show the items:

8 pairs of mittens for the local day school






4 gorgeous scarves










An awesome scarf and hat set










and 8 beautiful hats









I wish each and every one of you a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving! 

~ Jessica


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