Elves Wanted! *Rush* Christmas Call For Items

I hope everyone’s Thanksgiving was wonderful! Mine was very nice and I am looking forward to Christmas. I have a very special request to share with you all today.  Knitting & Giving has just received a touching email request from Driscoll Children’s Hospital in Corpus Christi, TX.  Here is the email:

Hello Knitting & Giving Group,

As Christmas slowly creeps around the corner, we at Driscoll Children’s Hospital in Corpus Christi, TX are preparing to decorate our hospital with child-friendly decorations. Every year, each floor chooses a theme, and for the weeks before Christmas, our Child Life Dept., visits our patients to help decorate the floor in correspondence to the chosen theme. This year, our floor, the 7th floor where any child with Orthopedic, Nephrology, Neurology, and Child Abuse issues is assigned for specialized care, has chosen to do “Monkey-ing Around the Christmas Tree.” Each of the staff members is going to bring a monkey of their own to put on our Christmas tree located in our front lobby. On Christmas day, we will donate our contribution to our patients who range from newborn to sometimes 20 years old! Although all staff members may bring a stuffed monkey, there will not be enough to go around. We are a non-profit hospital who care mainly for most of the low-income families of South Texas, all mostly receiving government assistance. We do not have much money to make this as special as it should be for every child, so we, the 7th floor staff, are requesting if you may consider our hospital as recipients of some of your knitted projects. We would really like to make this holiday a memory these children will never forget. Can you please help us?? Thank you!


The 7th Floor Staff”

I know that this is short notice and many of us are very busy this time of year, but I am asking if you could find it in your heart to knit or crochet just one stuffed toy, pair of mittens, or a scarf that will make a child’s Christmas bright!

A photo of their tree has also been included. As you can see, it needs more loving donations


If you would like to donate an item, please email knittinggiving@hotmail.com for the mailing address. I will ask that you ship directly to the hospital as time is of the essence.  Please send me a message and let me know what you have donated.  This helps to keep a running total of how many items we are giving as a group, as well as gives me the opportunity to thank you!  🙂

Here are some suggestions that would fit with the “Monkey-ing Around” theme the children have chosen. You are not obligated to use any of these, they are just suggestions. 🙂

Monkey Moo


Love Bug


You could also look up more free patterns, on Ravelry.com for instance, for elephants, tigers, snakes, etc. to fit with the jungle theme.

I look forward to making up as much as I can for the children. I hope that many of you can help!

~ Jessica



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