1st Annual Great Summer Stockpile!


I am proud to announce the start of our 1st annual Great Summer Stockpile! Between Memorial Day and August 31st we will be stockpiling all donations of warm items for those in need.  Let’s see how many items we can gather during this time 🙂 Remember to keep your knitting bag with you wherever your travels take you: the back porch with a glass of iced tea, the beach, the lake, in the car on the family road trip, camping…

I hope that together we can gather a tremendous amount of hats, scarves, mittens and more for doantions beginning September 1st. I encourage all of you to keep your fingers flying while you enjoy the summer months ahead 🙂

I’m looking forward to knitting outside with a tall glass of lemonade while listening to some french jazz confections.  Pure bliss. 🙂

First count will be this Friday! I will keep a running tally here on the blog with pictures of items donated as well 🙂 

To send in your items please email knittinggiving@hotmail.com

Happy Knitting!


Keep those fingers flying!

Hi everyone!  Spring has sprung and warmer weather is on the way! First, I would like to thank each and every one of you who continues to send in donations. Every single item will now be stock piled until September 1, 2010 when we will begin to donate again for the fall/winter season.

Even though the weather will be warmer please don’t stop knitting or crocheting! We will need every scarf, hat, and pair of mittens we can to give to those in need!

Please email knittinggiving@hotmail.com for our mailing address when you are ready to send in items. 🙂

I wish each of you a wonderful spring!

~ Jessica

Thank you so much!

Wow! I have to say that this group definitley knows how to kick off the month of love!  February is off to a fabulous start!

Three boxes have arrived, items carefully counted, and will be distributed this week to those in need!  And it’s only the 2nd day of the month! 🙂

 I apologize in advance for the photo…I tried to capture as many of the items as I could into the picture.

These items were received from 3 very generous women from a church here in Connecticut.  41 scarves, 1 pair of fingerless mitts, 3 hat and scarf sets and 3 wraps.  

There are just not enough words to thank you for all of your hard work and generosity!

6 fabulous pairs of mittens were also received today! Thank you so very much!!!

Keep up the great work everyone! So many in need will appreciate it!  Remember, we collect and donate year round! If interested in sending in an item, simply email knittinggiving@hotmail.com anytime.

On a side note, the groundhog DID see his shadow today so that means another 6 weeks of winter! We are expecting more snow here in Connecticut this week so I will be donating all of our items to the homeless shelters. I will update everyone as soon as they have been delivered.

Keep your fingers flying & stay warm!


Bernat Cares

Hi everyone! Bernat Cares has now gone live! This website, by Bernat yarns, is dedicated just to knitting & crocheting for charity.  We are so proud to be a registered charity with them!

Be sure to take a peek at their website and view the free patterns they offer for charity knitting & crocheting. Also be sure to click “find” to search and browse many different charity organziations.

Looking forward to posting more thank you’s tonight here on the blog, so stay tuned! 


Thank you!!

7 gorgeous scarves were received today! Thank you so much, Karen, for your beautiful work and generosity.  They will truly be appreciated!

Our total for January is now 37! We are off to a great start this year, guys! Let’s keep up the great work!

Also, I just want to remind everyone that our team, Team Knitting & Giving, is gearing up for the 2010 Ravelympics! Please consider joining the team as we compete in the “charity curling” event. Knit or crochet any item(s) you would like suitable for a baby or an adult. The sky is the limit!

If you are not planning on competing, I urge you all to still send in those donations as we collect for the people of Appalachia. All items will be sent and very much appreciated!

Keep those needles clicking!

~ Jessica

Help for Haiti

Our hearts go out to Haiti and in this time of their immediate need I urge everyone to make a monetary donation if you can to the American Red Cross, Hope for Haiti Now, Doctors Without Borders or StillerStrong. As knitters and crocheters, I know that many of us have been wanting to make donations to send. At this moment they are in dire need of monetary donations to meet their most basic and immediate needs: water, food, tents, etc.

I am, however, encouraging every knitter and crocheter who sees this post to join the Ravelry group “Global Knit” and help by creating kitchen/bath kits which will be sent to Haiti for help with sanitary/hygiene needs.  If you are not a member of Ravelry please join ~ it’s free to do so. 

To find the group, please go to Ravelry.com and click on the “groups” tab at the top. In the search box, type in “Global Knit”. 

I have been in touch with Global Knit’s creator, Heather (Ravelry ID: DizzySpinster) and she has given me permission to direct you all to her group and join in this effort.  Here is the information from Global Knit:

Haiti – Relief for Earthquake Survivors

Please join us in helping the survivors of those affected by the devastating earthquake that hit the small island nation of Haiti on January 12.

We are working with Food for the Poor which accepts in-kind gifts to help those affected by eathquake in Haiti. We discussed multiple possibilities – some of which may be needed down the road – and have been asked to provide that which Haitians will need after rescue and recovery efforts are complete.

Right now, they need food, water, medical supplies and cash. A month from now, they’ll need what we can provide.

We have been told that they will need kitchen and bath kits to help them with basic hygiene and sanitation. Simply put: cotton washcloths, towels and soap. If you would like to participate, we ask that you please make and send COMPLETE kits only. Please do NOT send individual washcloths or individual towels to Global Knit. Here’s what you can make:

Kitchen / bath kit

  • 2 – 10”x10” washcloths
  • 2 – 12”x18” towels
  • 1 bar of plain soap in a small Ziploc-like plastic bag (sandwich size is fine)

Please pack it all together in a 1-gallon Ziploc-like plastic bag before mailing to Global Knit at PO Box 69 Hilliard, OH 43026

Yarn – 100% cotton

Sugar N Cream and Peaches N Cream are perfect for this and 3 skeins (maybe 4) should do the trick for one kit. These usually run about $1.50/skein 79g / 2.5 oz. (Be careful – the variegated colors are only 2oz.)

We’re asking for specific sizes, fiber and packaging at the request of the person I spoke to at Food for the Poor. This will help them – and us – maintain consistency with this project. Also – no other items should be added to these packets.

******* Please mail your completed kit directly to Global Knit at the following address:*****
Global Knit
PO Box 69
Hilliard, OH 43026

(Do NOT mail them directly to Food for the Poor. I have to label these a certain way to ensure they go to Haiti. Plus, it’s better to send consolidated shipments rather than lots of individual packages. Thank you!)


1st round: Valentine’s Day
2nd round: St. Patrick’s Day

FYI – I have some extra bars of soap hanging around thanks to the water softener company, so include this if you can, but if not, that’s OK. If you happen to have an extra bar or two, throw them in for those who can’t provide it. No need to send a whole case or anything – just an extra one if you happen to have it.*

I hope that we can come together, in the spirit of the knitters and crocheters who have helped others before us, and make all we can.

Let’s knit our bit!

God Bless,

~ Jessica

**Please note that the deadline dates that have been listed are guidelines – Heather has made clear that this will be an ONGOING donation. Please send as many kits as you are able to make.

Ravelympics 2010

Hello everyone! I am proud to announce that our group will be competing in the 2010 Ravelympics at Ravelry

If you are a member of Ravelry, please join Team Knitting & Giving as we compete in the “charity curling” event. All items made during the Ravelympics will be donated to the people of Appalachia.

Please join the team:

Team Knitting & Giving

Our project tags are :

ravelympics2010      teamknittinggiving      eventcharity

Please use these tags on each project you will be making for the team 🙂

Mass Cast-On at 6 pm Pacific Standard Time February 12, as the Opening Ceremonies begin in Vancouver!

Here are the official rules (thanks to paksenarrion for posting these!):

The One Rule To Rule Them All: Challenge yourself by starting and finishing projects during the 2010 Winter Olympics.

What will be a stretch for you: a new technique, that first sweater or pair of socks, something massive, something delicate, finishing that monster in the closet? The goal of the Ravelympics is to support you in expanding your knitting/crocheting horizons. Just remember the one rule: Challenge yourself!


  1. Start a new project for each item you plan to make during the Ravelympics. Making a multiple of the same item, e.g., 20 dishcloths? Use your own judgment about whether to make it one project or many. Rule of thumb: If you personally won’t consider yourself successful unless you finish all of the multiple items, make it one project. If you’re trying to make as many as possible, start with one project and add another project as you finish each item.
  2. Tag your project as follows:
    • ravelympics2010 – This is the magic tag that enters your project in the Ravelympics. Every Ravelympics project must have this tag. Note: Casey will turn on a tag picker that will allow you to click a special Ravelympic icon on your project page to add this tag.
    • Event tag(s) – To achieve Ravelympic glory, each project must be entered in one or more events, based on the type of project. NEW: Events, tags, and descriptions are available on the Events 2010 page. Note: When you activate the Ravelympic icon, you’ll be able to choose your event tags from the tag picker. One project may be entered in multiple events; e.g., paksenarrion’s Endpaper Mitts competed in the gloves/mittens/fingerless mitts event and in the colorwork event.
    • Your team tag – if you are a member of a team. Important note: Ideally, each project will compete for only one team. Ravelers may belong to several teams, but we suggest that your projects only have a single team tag each. This is not a hard and fast rule this year, just strongly advised; however, in future years this will be the rule. Some teams may already be enforcing one-team-per-project among their own members. Consult your team thread for guidelines.
  3. WIP/UFO: WIP Dancing is the only event for WIP/UFO finishing. WIP/UFOs entered in this event must be dormant (no work being done) starting January 12 until the Ravelympics begin. You will tag entries in the WIP/UFO event with the tag picker as specified above.
  4. Spinning: The Flying Camel Spin is the event for creating your own handspun. If you are spinning, create a stash page for your yarn and tag it appropriately. When your yarn is done, put in the yardage – that will mark the yarn “finished.” If you are planning to spin and knit what you just spun, create both a stash page tagged for the spinning event and a project page tagged with the other event(s) for the item being knit/crocheted/woven.
  5. Teams are optional, but fun! You may tag projects and achieve Ravelympic glory as a solo performer. However, if you choose to join a team, consult the (rather overwhelming) Team Roster, browse the team threads on the Ravelympics 2010 board, or go to your favorite groups to see if a team has been formed for them. Join teams by posting in the team thread with a request or by otherwise contacting the team captain. Teams must be formed by January 15, but individuals may join a team at a later date as allowed by individual team captains.
  6. You may add yarn and needles to your Ravelympic project pages prior to the start of the games. Swatching is also allowed – even encouraged for large and gauge-specific projects.


  1. Mass Cast-On at 6 pm Pacific Standard Time February 12, as the Opening Ceremonies begin in Vancouver! Find out what time that is in your local zone here. No casting-on before this moment! (with the exception of WIP/UFO event entries)
  2. Ending time: 11;59:59 PST February 28; the closing ceremonies will be earlier that evening, but since the exact moment of torch extinguishment is unknown, we’ll give you until midnight. Each Ravelympics project must be marked Finished on the project page prior to the ending time in order to qualify for a medal.
  3. What is Finished? Does it mean blocked? Ends woven in? Sewn together? Photographed? That’s up to you. See the big rule at the top: Challenge YOURSELF. Do you feel it’s finished without the ends woven in, or before blocking? Then mark it finished. If not, don’t. Be honest with yourself, and we’ll celebrate with you.
  4. The Finish Line: Each event will have its own FINISH LINE thread on the Ravelympics 2010 board. Post details of your finished object in the thread(s) for the event(s) in which it is competing. (Details of what to post – link to project page and picture, for example – will be listed in the thread.)
  5. Medalling: BobicusMaximus will hand out medals (blog badges) to each finisher in the event threads.
  6. You’ll be able to follow your team and event progress on the special Ravelympics stats page that Casey’s magic machine assembles out of all properly tagged projects. Chat and cheer in special threads for each team and event!


New! Events 2010 (with tags and descriptions – go here to figure out where your projects fit!)
Team Roster (all the teams, all the captains, all the time)


the turning-on of the tag picker … the unveiling of the medals

Remember to choose a project that will be both fun and challenging!

I can’t wait to see what you all will be working on!

I have already been in touch with the organization which will donate all our items to the people in Appalachia.

If you are not a member of Ravelry.com, join! It’s free and an amazing place!

Wishing flying fingers to all!